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Here at Planet Pooch we are dedicated to providing our clients the absolute best service while taking care of their four legged family members as if they're our own.    

Why Mobile Grooming For My Pet?

Mobile grooming is the ultimate luxury service to offer your pet!  He or she will experience a one on one grooming session with one of our professional groomers right outside your home.  Your pet will always be hand dried and never be left in a cage to dry.  There is no down time and most of our appointments are finished in under 90 minutes allowing your pet to get back to his or her loving family ASAP.  

Why Mobile Grooming For Me?

Don't only treat your pet to the luxury of mobile grooming. Treat yourself!  Avoid over exciting your pet in a moving vehicle. Avoid the possible mess and unsafety of it all.  Maybe It's a back breaking task to load your pet in to the car? Stop waiting around for the phone call to make your pickup and stop with the back and forth to the groomer! Let us come to you, Stress Free !

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